Paths to Healing

Caring therapy for mind, body and spirit.

Life is stressful, no doubt about it. 

My goal, as your therapist, is to find a way to relieve that stress. Oftentimes, the stress is from an outside source, the most common ones being an employment situation, or non-immediate family members. It would be easier if there were hundreds of other jobs out there waiting, or if we could trade in one batch of relatives for another, but that is not how reality works. In truth, we often don't even know why we're anxious, and identifying the root of our general anxiety is the first step.

So, how do we address issues that are outside of our control? Obviously, if we can't change jobs or relatives, we need to focus on the only thing that we CAN change, which is how we deal with the situations.

Through "talk-therapy" we'll explore the root causes, and once identified, we'll set about a plan of action. If it is a person, or employment situation, we'll explore whether communication with the outside source has a chance of success. If communication isn't an option that you feel will work, then together we will find ways to relieve the stress from within. 

Practical Applications

Finding the relief from within offers us many opportunities. It may be changing a habit, or a mindset, that makes you feel defeated before you even begin.  It may include hypnotherapy where, once we identify the root of the issue, I will provide you with a personalized hypnosis CD(or cassette tape) that you can take with you to listen to as often as is necessary. There is no additional charge for a  personalized hypnosis CD or tape. It is simply a tool that you can use at your own pace or need.

If it seems that an appropriate medication may also help, then I will, at your request, put you in contact with a very select group of doctors and psychologists who I've worked with for years and can highly recommend. They will be glad to work with you, so that together, as a team, we can continue your progress.


Life is stressful, no doubt about it.  

But there's no need to fight it alone. 


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