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Client Reviews

"Machell was very helpful in helping  me through a difficult life transition. She helped me in a variety of areas and helped me to explore my past (e.g. childhood) which helped me understand my present and how I tended to react to current life stressors.  I highly recommend her."

 - Bill S.  

"Effective therapist"
"I was under the care of Machell Bekaert for several years dealing with being a survivor of childhood sexual abuse and the PTSD it created.  She was available as much as I needed her.  Not only did she she use talk therapy which was very helpful but hypnosis several times to help me advance in my recovery.  I would recommend Machell to anyone who is struggling with a life event and needs help."
 - Carmel H. 

"Absolutely wonderful experience"!
"My daughter went through some incredibly rough years with her father, to the point where she became anorexic, had self-injurious behavior, and experienced panic attacks several times a day.  We tried a few counselors over the years but none of them were able to connect with her...until Machell.  From the first visit, I could tell that this was going to be a positive experience because my daughter simply clicked with Machell, and my heart breathed a sigh of relief.  My daughter saw Machell from ages 13 to 17.  During that time, Machell taught my daughter how to love and accept herself for exactly who she is.  Machell's patient, calm, encouraging, and non-judgmental demeanor was the balm for my daughter's soul and the difference was nothing short of amazing.  I have my fun, loving, and incredible daughter back...  but she has also developed a new found confidence and sense of self that will serve her all of the rest of her years!  THANK YOU, Machell!!!"
 - Mary Beth W. 

"Wonderful support at a time of extreme grief"
"Upon the death of my adult daughter, my only child, I felt empty and lost. Machell helped to guide me through my grief, allowing me to talk, and cry in order to deal with this insurmountable loss.  She counseled me as long as I felt I needed it, which was for several months.  I would recommend Machell to anyone who needs the help of a person who is seeking guidance and compassion dealing with a serious, personal tragedy."
 - Pat G.

"Calm, open, and sincere"
"I started seeing Machell about 5 years ago when I started to have a hard time with some family issues.  I was reluctant to pursue counseling, but her calm, open demeanor and sincere desire to help immediately put me at ease.  She understands the complexity of emotions that often accompany concerns and stresses and, equally as important, understands that ultimately the way to coping and healing lies with you.  An active listener, she is adept at asking questions and making suggestions to guide you in finding these answers."
 - Ann C. 

"Machell Bekaert"
"Machell's counsel has been instrumental in guiding me through the simultaneous events of my mother's illness and eventual passing while I was undergoing separation from my husband of 15 years.  Machell provides a non-judgmental safe environment while she guides you through self reflection to ultimately arrive at a way forward that fits in your belief and value systems.  She is incredibly professional, kind and practical.  I will continue to seek her counsel in my journey of healing as I learn love and respect myself and set boundaries."
 - Carrie M.  

Soul Growth"
"It is no coincidence that I connected with Machell at this point in my life.  After struggling for years with letting go of childhood trauma and understanding the "bigger picture" I needed answers.  If you have ever asked yourself "Why am I here?", or "Where have I been?", and even "What is my future path"?, I highly recommend you explore those questions with Machell.  As she gently guided me through not only a past-life regression but also a life-between-lives regression her insights were invaluable in helping me make sense of it all.  With the goal of healing and expanding my understanding of my role in past, present, and future lifetimes this was a necessary experience on my path to greater soul growth.  Machell is profesional, compassionate, and a safe haven in an emotional storm."
 - Denise G.  

"Machell helped me access a couple past lives"
"Machell is a very skilled hypnotist who made it possible for me to reach a deep state of relaxation and remember details of my past lives, which in turn helped me with a long-standing physical problem which none of the other treatments I had tried helped.  She is also a very kind, understanding, and compassionate therapist and shows great respect for confidentiality.  I drove three hours to see her each time and it was well worth that investment.  I recommend her very highly."
 - Jennifer R. 

"A great experience"
"I came to Machell for hypnosis because I wanted to remember a message I received in a dream when I was a child.  I have vividly remembered the dream all of these years, but the message I received within that dream was missing from my memory.  Because of the distance between us, I was thrilled that Machell was willing to conduct the session over the phone.  I was pleasantly surprised at how easily she was able to take me back to that night, almost 45 years ago and help me retrieve the missing piece of the puzzle and I have to say that the experience has allowed me to move my life forward in some really important and unexpected ways.  I would recommend Machell to anyone honestly seeking personal growth or anyone who just finds themselves "stuck" in one or more areas of life.  My session with her was a blessing and a life changer."
 - Teresa W.  

"Like a friend..."
"I sought out a therapist for help with relationship issues and found Machell Bekaert to be one of the most understanding, and caring therapists.  She has helped me tremendously to work through issues to feel better about myself.  She is very flexible and will work with you to schedule appointments.  Her suggestions are helpful and enlightening."
 - Jennifer R.  

"You owe it to yourself..."
"Machell was just what I needed.  She gently lead me through the work I needed to do and it has made such a difference in my life.  Machell is totally non-judgmental. She respects her client's individuality and beliefs.  I'm so glad I went in the first place.  I wish I had gone sooner.  Big or small, she can help with anything."
 - Holly B.  

"Always very helpful"
"I have sought Machell's counsel for several issues, mostly family, over the past 6-8 years and always have benefited considerably from time with her.  She is personable, not judgmental, and is practical.  Machell is quite knowledgeable, professional, and always has been able to understand whatever I try to say/explain to her, and then to provide suggestions for me to consider when dealing with my issues.  Often she does so by asking questions and follow-up questions that provide good, useful and effective insights into my situation. I have found that approach to be much better than someone simply suggesting an approach to me and then assume the problem has been solved.  I value the time and experiences I have had with her and know she has improved my life.  Of course I have no idea what the future holds, but if I feel I will benefit from seeing her again I will not hesitate to do so.  I am sincerely grateful for her support."
 - Roland S.  

A Bright Light in a Storm!"
"Machell Bekaert has been a huge help in getting my marriage heading back in the right direction!  Without her insight and calming guidance, I believe that I would have let my husband (best friend) walk out of my life.  Now my husband and I are recommitted to our marriage and nurturing it so that we can look forward to a long life together!  Machell is a caring, knowledgeable professional!  She has been very instrumental helping us through this dark time in our lives."
 - Mindy R. 

"She listens and understands!"
"Not only does Machell listen to what I say, she understands what I'm trying to say even if I don't express it very well.  Quite often, I'm not even aware of what is on my mind, but with her questions, she helps to draw it out, and once out, she works me to help find a solution.  I've been seeing her for a little over five years, initially due to a relationship conflict that she helped to resolve.  I don't see her in practice now as much as I used to when I was in crisis, but I still keep a fairly regular schedule of appointments.  Sort of like taking a car in for a tune-up, even if it's not actually broken down.  Her insight and guidance have taught me to focus on what's internal, such as emotional healing and stability, faith and self-worth, rather than always looking for external circumstances to either justify my existence or to self-criticize.  I have recommended her to several friends for a variety of reasons, and every one has told me how pleased they are with her professionalism and gentle approach.  Even when she has to be brutally honest, she does it kindly"
 - Robert W.  

Caring Guidance"
"I am so thankful for having Machell as my therapist.  She is compassionate, caring, insightful and honest  Her guidance, advice, and direction have helped me make positive changes in my life."
 - Amy  

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