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Couples--The Beginning--The Middle--The End

There is such a wide variety of needs when it comes to "Couples Counseling" that I am hesitant to try to sum any of them up. Regardless of which stage of the relationship you are in, my approach is to listen to all sides, and also to help you to listen. Listen, not to just what your partner says, but to what you say yourself, and how that might be heard/interpreted by the one you are talking to.

Sometimes it's hard to express ourselves, but it is also hard to "hear". If our ears worked better than our mouths do, there might be little need for a Couples Counselor.

Once we learn to communicate in a two-way manner, then we work together to "shape" your relationship going forward in the most beneficial way for all concerned. 

The Beginning

Whether you are 14, 44, or 84, the beginning of every relationship is very special, and to establish what we need to accomplish, here are a few of the questions I will ask:

Have you made mistakes in the past and would like to avoid them now?

Are you about to meet, or have just met?

Are there old patterns that need to be broken?

Do you know what you want out of the relationship? 

The key, is open communication. My goal, is to help you establish that communication in a way that will help you to maintain and grow in your new relationship.

The End

Endings are seldom easy, whether it is the end of a relationship due to differences, or an ending due to a heartbreaking loss of life. There are stages of grief. There are lives to be rebuilt. In a relationship, there are often children involved.

Whatever your loss, and whatever future you hope to build, I will be there to guide you through it with the goal reaching the best place for all parties involved.


The Middle

It is hard to define when "The Middle" begins. Sometimes, it's when children are being born and raised. Sometimes, it's when one or the other feels like they, or their partner, are drifting. Whatever prompts you to come see me, I will work together with both of you, and will expect you to do the same with each other.

Ideally, a relationship shouldn't have to seem like "work", and my goal will be to help you get to the place where it won't be. 

It may seem like "work" to get to that place, but once there, the path becomes smoother with only minor daily maintenance required.

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